Strategic Marketing Plans

Strategic Leadership

msManny Santos, MCDBA, PMP, USMC Advanced Leadership; Lead strategist

Smart, funny and great dad! This Philadelphian is a tried and true Philly sports fan who cooked and served up authentic cheesesteaks at Cappuccino’s on North Broad when he was 17 years old. He is natural teacher who has coached Marines in the boxing ring and his kids on Colonie and Niskayuna football and baseball fields. He’s a strong family man who participates in local community organizations, enjoys golf and Sunday morning church service.

Manny is an experienced, integrated marketing professional with an Information Technology background that has consulted for small to large companies such as Comcast, University of Pennsylvania, Tribune Broadcasting and New York City advertising agencies. He has developed business plans in various industries including Online Marketing, Healthcare, Education, Software & Non-Profits.

As former Chairman of the Northeast Kidney Foundation, and in collaboration with a great board and executive director, Manny developed a plan and led the NEKF to a sound position by achieving several operational and financial goals. This was accomplished using a 3-year business plan designed and implemented by Manny from 2012 – 2015. He has also consistently overachieved business development goals for 3 consecutive years as VP of Operations for Go Gonzalez .


cahrlotteCharlotte Sahadeo, MBA Financial and Business Analyst; Research

Enthusiastic, Sharp and quick witted! Charlotte has a contagious positive spirit that leaves you feeling good for the rest of the day. While her expertise is in business finance and forensic accounting, she is also passionate about public relations.

Merck, SAP & University of Pennsylvania are some companies that have benefited from Charlotte business and financial strategies. She is currently managing a $35 Million budget for a large pharmaceutical company and has recently rolled out finance tools in Europe and Latin America.

Charlotte manages profitability metrics, contract negotiations, cross-region financial analysis and forecasting that entails tracking of accounting practices, profit exchange risk analysis and vendor price equalization. She also performs online public relations, financial assessments, trend analysis, 3-5 year projections and preparation of year-end taxes and profitability reports. She also provides public relations direction and quality assurance for marketing strategy.


ecEdward Concepcion, Web Master; Global Online Marketing Specialist

The nicest geek you will ever meet! Ed is known by many clients and friends as one of the sweetest human beings on the planet. A great dad to four boys who loves family more than anything. He also enjoys a nice strong coffee and an H Upman cigar.

Ed is a pioneer in the web 2.0 / user-generated content space. He has led Online Marketing integration for global companies such as Play Power Global, Miracle Recreation and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as well as educational institutions. He is a retired U.S. Army Captain with extensive leadership in web development, project management, online marketing and the development of software support departments. ED provides technical guidance for the systems that are required for all projects.

Senior StrategistPaul Madelone, Senior Strategist

When you see Paul, he is rarely empty-handed. He typically looks to share his passions. It could be red wine, Kona Coffee or pictures of his Chocolate Cocker-Spaniel, Newman. When you ask him about any of his passions, you get expert information. 

Business and helping businesses succeed is another one of his passions. Paul brings many years of business experience including Fortune 500, Healthcare, Business Development, Advertising, Retail and chairing several community organizations including the YMCA, Northeast Kidney and Heart Associations among others. His experience allows him to better understand problems, but moreover assists in quickly developing advertising solutions.  

Uniquely Suited

The Go Gonzalez team lead by Ed and Manny has great experience in the online marketing and web development space. They have helped develop several digital marketing departments and systems including Web Development, Software Support, SEO, SEM, Lead Generation, Conversion Strategies and email marketing for local, national and global companies. Charlotte Sahadeo’s financial background and online public relations experience provides the right balance and accountability to the establishment of people, process and service for this business.  Paul Madelone brings invaluable experience to help develop sound business solutions from his experience with Fortune 500 companies.

This leadership has developed business plans and marketing plans for University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine, Inflooense mobile app, Digital Marketing Firms, Pharma Companies, charitable organizations and several other organizations.

Strategic Process

SWOT-Analysis-examples-clearThe Go Gonzalez team collaborates with key personnel to develop the path to realize key objectives for your organization. 


Go Gonzalez recognizes the valuable insight that a client contributes during the needs analysis phase of the strategic process. What is said and what is not being said are both critical to developing the right strategy. Go Gonzalez works to understand the objective and obstacles that could hinder achieving goals to determine the research required for the right solution. 

People – The critical element

As we help develop the system to fulfill the strategic plan, we realize that your staff must buy in to a collective effort. Getting buy in from individuals is a challenge because people are motivated for a variety of reasons. For example, some sales leaders may hope that everyone on their staff is motivated by money. However, great sales people come with different personalities. Learning what motivates individuals can optimize the output of your sales machine. In like manner, individuals on a project are motivated by different things. A great leader can identify those things and accomplish goals more efficiently. 

Our goal is to get a team to buy in to our methodology. During the planning, individuals are assigned various responsibilities. Assigning the right individual and providing the tools for that individual to accomplish a task is imperative. This is an investment in that person. Therefore, we strongly consider how to optimize that investment. 


Determining the right solution requires research. The Go Gonzalez team has experts in integrated media research, market, internal and competitive analysis. There is no limit to the creativity used to obtain the information required to make sound decisions. From SWOT to mystery shopper to surveys and anonymous calls, the required research to help guide decisions is always obtained.


The Go Gonzalez team believes in working collaboratively to find solutions. Strategies are developed in team meetings after careful review of client requirements and research. Software and mapping is used to determine the direction of the strategy, then proposed formally.


A project management professional develops a step by step project plan to meet the objectives of the approved strategy. The plan is entered in to the Go Gonzalez project management system so that project team members have access to project information at all times. Business plans are also access through an online platform for better access and collaboration. All projects updates are sent via email automatically.


Benchmarks and measures are determined as part of the project plan. Whether the data is for a media campaign, lead generation or a sales effort, benchmarks set the bar and measures show if the bar was reached. Therefore, reviews of benchmark and measures are essential to the project plan.

Audit / Quality Assurance

The auditing process assesses measures and confirms that the strategy is implemented and followed correctly. This process also allows the team to make necessary strategy adjustments if applicable.

Go Gonzalez is involved in strategic marketing year around and offers great insight and expertise from project in a variety of industries including Healthcare, Insurance, Automotive, Non-Profit Organizations and Retail. The process is methodical; the challenges can vary, but success is not optional.

Why a Business Plan

Developing a business plan forces a review of the entire company. Value proposition, marketing assumptions, operations plan, financial plan and staffing plans all have to make sense. The path to profitability has to be clear.

If the marketing plan projects goals for leads and customers for a specific market, the model forces the management to determine the staff required to meet those goals by market.

Many answers are uncovered during the business planning process. Viewing the plan as a fund-raising tool is just the beginning of the story. The plan is used for managing the development of the business, the operation of the business and for recruiting.

Return on Investment

As the plan is being developed, all financial matters are considered using business plan calculators that help determine starting costs, cash flow, discounted cash flow, break-even and even website conversion rate. The ROI, profitability must be and will be clear.

Next Steps

The plan is a complete guide to establishing the business. Once the plan is developed, the individual responsible for implementing the plan should be able to follow the plan to realize success. Go Gonzalez can also help develop the assets required to help promote your brand, develop engagement with customers and formulate an integrated advertising plan that is comprehensive and measurable.

For Strategic Marketing… Go Gonzalez

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