Our Favorite Super Bowl Ad

Our creative team got together to determine our favorite Super Bowl Ad. The winner goes to Planter’s Peanuts – Crunch Time.

Crunch Time

Why? Well, this TV Ad had so many great elements that made it memorable. There’s a very cool Hollywood studio setting with the mountain in the background, the Planter’s Peanut-mobile swerving around cars and making a crazy jump – hello!, cameo by Charlie Sheen where he makes fun of himself, the responsible Mr. Peanut picking up the trash can and the major save as Mr. Peanut slips a can of peanuts under the grasping hand of famous NY Yankee, Alex Rodriguez reaching for a kale chip.


We Can Remember the Brand

While we feel that several commercials were very well produced, the goal of the ad is to establish top of mind awareness and to be memorable. The Planter’s brand was visible throughout the entire ad, which we feel stands out far more for consumers.

After seeing the planters ad, if you are the market for snacks, not thinking about Planters will be difficult. Pringles’ is probably the second snack consumers think of because Pringles’ – Sad Smart Device is also very good, funny and memorable.

Pringles: Sad Smart Device

If you think of an ad, and struggle to remember the brand, that’s a problem. Planters Peanuts will not have this problem.