• Spend time on your front door

More visitors naturally go to your website’s homepage than any other page. Invest the time to create a thoughtful layout and pathways to your offers because that is a great way to achieve better user experience, UX.

  • Design for your audience

Review your site metrics and try to learn as much as you can about your consumer’s behavior. Then, design your webpage layouts and content using that information.

  • Be Explicit

Handhold your visitors as much as you can. Using language to lead them down pathways that lead to interaction is a better user experience.

  • Think Benefits

Offer your most important content first. You’ll have to determine if that means to solve a problem or develop a creative way to get visitors to explore further. As you develop your content, remember that consumers buy benefits.

  • Browser Compatibility

Test to make sure that the function and presentation of your site works for as many browsers and devices as possible.  How do you know what to test? Look at your site analytics to find out what your visitors are using to browse your site.

  • SEO

Capitalize on organic traffic by having good search engine optimization so that search engines index your content appropriately. Also, making sure that your meta tags are set up correctly.  It is one step towards ADA compliance so that people with disabilities also have a good user experience.

  • Delight your Customer

Look to add content or functionality that keeps consumers coming back for more; new videos, sliders, great articles etc…

  • Start your ADA Website Accessibility Compliance

Give people with disabilities equal access to your website content. By doing so, you are complying with the American’s with disability act, which requires places of public accommodation to provide reasonable access to content. People with disabilities use browser readers and rely on close captioning and transcription. Starting an ADA remediation process to prevent discrimination can not only give equal access, but also help mitigate the impact of lawsuits.