An issue was brought up during our morning social media round table about a Go Gonzalez +Health post. An article that showed up on Linkedin with no image. The room got quiet for a brief moment before the very outspoken, Jennifer Arroyo asks, “Who the hell did that?!”.

I replied, “It must have been me because that is my post”. That was followed by a collective gasp for air. I’m kidding about the gasp, but I felt a little horrified because I set the guidelines for posting. I will touch on that mistake a little later. 3 Simple Rules when Publishing to Social Media Channels

When posting to some social media channels using a social media management application, the main image that you want to post may not show up. This varies based on the social media app design and the social media channel. In some cases such as when posting to Linkedin via mobile through a social media app, a limitation in the Linkedin API may prevent the image from showing up on your post.

According to Brain Rules, people who receive information are likely to remember 10% of that information three days later. If a relevant image is paired with that information, people remember up to 65% of that information three days later.

For many more reasons, having a relevant image is important. To make sure your post is showing up correctly do the following:

  1. When using a social media management app, post from a desktop computer or test your tablet using a similar post. Mobile may have limitations.
  2. Some social media management apps allow the customization and preview of a post. Make sure to understand how to customize.
  3. Always confirm your posting. Open each channel and visually inspect your post. This allows you to quickly delete it before the majority of your audience reads it.

Always Check Posts

And therein lies the problem. Actually, two problems exists. Instead of having someone publish a blog article to social media channels that regularly does posting, I did it. Secondly, I failed on rule number three above, which is to confirm my posting. I am usually on the go. That is why, I generally respond to posts, but typically do not publish my own posts. I realize that I need to adhere to the great wisdom of Jennifer Arroyo who occasionally says, “Stay in your lane”.

What did you have for breakfast? I had a red-eye misto and some humble pie :)

Manny Santos is Lead Strategist and VP of Operations for Go Gonzalez – He also admits his mistakes :)

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