What should I do about my Ads during this crisis?

Our clients are reaching out asking what to do about their ads. The concern is that people are at home due to the proactive measures to combat the Coronavirus. Most likely, this will impact local shopping within the next couple of weeks.

The answer depends on the purpose of your communication. Advertising campaigns should have an overall objective that is met using enabling objectives. For example, a typical campaign should have a branding component, a research component and an engagement component. These elements all contribute to your overall objective of business growth.

Branding Ads

Your branding component is an enabling objective that helps you establish top-of-mind awareness with your consumers. This can be in the form of Television, Radio, Magazines or Display and Video Ads. This component of your communication helps people remember your brand when they are in the market for your product or service. It builds over time.

Branding is an important element of your advertisement that should be consistent. Therefore, we recommend that you do not stop your branding ads. This is a great time to look for deals and increase the exposure to your brand. If your business is strong enough to maintain your branding ads through this difficult period, your brand will come out stronger in the end.

Take advantage of advertising opportunities

Many advertisers who have direct-response ads are suspending their campaigns.  If your ads are temporary, seasonal with a goal of immediate response and sales, then I would consider postponing those ads depending on the demand.  On the other hand, if you are offering essential services, I would not stop your advertising. Some examples of essential services are emergency dental, automotive repair, pest control and banking.

What else can Advertisers do during this slow down?

There are so many different types of businesses, but here are some general ideas for some popular business categories:

Restaurants: You will have new customers from take-out orders, develop a way to establish a relationship with those new customers. Give them reasons to dine-in when this crisis is over. Offer a discount in your ads to dine at your establishment in April and May. Use your holiday deals now to keep up your cash flow. Example: Buy a $50 gift card for $40 (Get 20% More). A New York City restaurant is offering take out ingredients so that you can cook it at home. It is a way to move perishable items that may not sell.

Personal Training and Fitness: Webcasting is your friend. People are home. Promote workout and healthy lifestyle sessions on social media. Use a webcast where people can get tips or workout with you live. Offer great content that is obtained through email or a social connection so that you can establish an ongoing connection. Finally, make a great offer for them to work with you when this crisis is over.

Auto Repair: Offer to pick up and drop off vehicles as well as a car wash with a disinfectant.

Second-Hand Stores: Go eCommerce. List your products on selling channels where you have control of delivery. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, Ruby Lane, eBid, Depop, Sell.com, eBluejay, CQout, Preloved, Addoway or Oodle are options to explore. Figure out what you can manage and go for it! There is a right fit for you.

Real Estate: Connect with people on social media. Facebook is great and more flexible than other channels, but Instagram is especially good for targeting first-time home buyers because people between 25-34 use Instagram. Also, you can get good discounts from video producers for your listings.  If you have a listing, a video will get more views and more visits. Go Gonzalez produces video and manages online marketing for businesses, contact us.

As a courtesy and to do our part during this crisis, we are offering free marketing advice, send us a message on our Facebook page, we are happy to help.