Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Unlike traditional media where one person communicates to multiple people social media management is about using web based tools and websites that allow multiple people to communicate to multiple people. Good advertising is done with the right message, to the right audience and at the right time. And when using social media, the most relevant application is another key consideration.

Where do you start?

Go Gonzalez has a very methodical and integrated process to determine the right social media applications and to manage social media communication. One of the most important aspects of this service is the determination of benchmarks and reporting of engagement and advocacy. This is not a blind process. Go Gonzalez establishes agreed upon objectives and offers reports to make sure goals are met.


Ted Wright in his book, Marketing with Fizz, talks about the power of influencer marketing. An influencer is a special person who loves to tell other people about the latest trends or perhaps they like to connect people. Influencers do not need an incentive. If you can engage an influencer appropriately, you can gain a strong advocate for your product.

Social Media is important to review for every campaign because it is a vital channel for direct marketing. Go Gonzalez minimizes the guess work and determines the right social media channels for your message.

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