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Web Design

There are certain questions that you need to ask a web design company

What kind of marketing background do you have?

Developing a custom website to meet the needs of your business requires a web design company with a solid marketing background and designs your website to be the center of your marketing ecosystem. 


Your Video Production company should be creative, timely and 100% guaranteed

Can your Video Production company advise you on marketing your video?

Videos are used on social media, TV, trade shows, events, fixed displays and more. A video company should know how to plan, create and advise you on how to market your video. 


The biggest change in marketing is the amount of numerous options available to consumers

Can your advertising agency help you determine what is working?

Your advertising campaign should contain specific steps that move consumers closer to doing business with you. Go Gonzalez can help you measure those steps and optimize your engagement.


The Americans with Disability Act is a law that you may need to follow.

Is your content accessible to people with disabilities?

ADA is a law against discrimination of people with disabilities. WCAG 2.1 Level AA  is the current standards referenced in court proceedings for website accessibility. Is your site “reasonably accessible”?

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