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Integrated Media Planning

The basic principal of media planning for advertising hasn’t changed, but there are so many mediums and channels available to reach a target audience. Knowing how to use mediums and identifying the right channels is an essential part to good advertising.

Media plans are designed to minimize risk. Go Gonzalez knows how to utilize research to gain insight on competition, mediums to use, effective channels and the best way to measure the campaign. If your advertising agency is not providing good measures for your campaign – Go Gonzalez!

The research information determines budgets, identify effective channels and how to utilize those channels, specific sites or programs that engage a specific target market and develop a measurement strategy to improve the campaign.

Media plans need to offer integrated solutions. What’s in your media plan?

Integrated Media Planning and Buying

Now that we have developed a media plan that minimizes risk and best targets your audience, it is time to negotiate? In regards to buying advertising on traditional media like proprietary websites TV, Radio, Print and Direct Mail, our media buyers negotiate using market research and proven techniques to reach the most amount of people in the predetermined target market as possible. Online media buying is a different story. Most of the advertising buys online is done through systematic process.

Advertising Negotiation

Negotiating with people for online advertising is not an option. During the media planning process, online advertising research determines a budget. The same goal of getting to the most amount of the ideal target market still applies. The difference is that this is done though management and research of the online campaign. During the campaign, digital specialists make adjustments that improve engagement on ads and the cost to engage consumers.

Go Gonzalez can help minimize risk, maximize efficiency and ultimately get the most amount of exposure to the ideal target audience.

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