Since 1998, Go Gonzalez helps clients with online marketing. Remember when people went from AOL to Netscape then to Google? The good old days when you saw the reflection from monitors on people’s faces change from white to blue to white again.
Even after all of the search engine battles between Yahoo, Alta Vista, Mr. Jeeves, Lycos, InfoSeek, Excite, Google and many others, Go Gonzalez continues to perform SEO services for dozens of clients.

Keep Learning

Google, Yahoo & Bing, the major search engine companies rank web pages based on relevancy, popularity and authority so that people performing searches have a good experience. Over the past couple of years, relevancy has become increasingly important because the search engines know that when people get great search results, they keep coming back.
Staying informed on Google releases and updates, and how Google uses RankBrain for artificial intelligence are important to various aspects of SEO. We have incorporated steps in to our SEO program to address potential problems. Don’t worry, Go Gonzales has got your back on SEO.

SEO Activities

In the past 10 years, our SEO strategy continues to be very similar. However, our SEO tactics adapt to changes in search engine algorithms and new web page standards. Our approach is heavily based on analysis and competitive intelligence. We analyze, plan, implement and measure using proven techniques to obtain better ranking.

“In the old days, it was about getting the click. Now search engines are seeing how people are interacting with your website: Are they going back and clicking on results, or are they finding the answers they’re looking for when they’re on your site? Today it’s about the post-click activity. Not only do you have to get the clicks, but you have to satisfy user intent.” – American Marketing Association

Reporting and Analysis

  • Measuring your marketing efforts to ensure maximum return on investment is critical to realizing positive results (remove period)
  • Analysis is done on your website content and structure, keywords, competition and the strength of your domain
  • Activity and Progress Reports is given on a monthly basis

Offsite Analysis

Your domain authority is bench-marked and given a grade between 0 and 10. This is based on several factors. Insight is gained based on the initial analysis and more recommendations are incorporated into the road map to increase the domain strength of the website.

Road map to Success

The first month is when the heaviest lifting happens. We approach SEO the same way we do strategic marketing plans. We make sure to understand the business, research, establish a brief situation analysis, perform an SEO audit, develop strategies based on segmentation, establish benchmarks, then complete the road map to success.

How do you know SEO is working?

The SEO process has both enabling and main objectives by segmentation. Specific analysis is done and benchmarks are set for SEO activities. As we improve the enabling objectives of your SEO program, the main objective of increasing ranking for keywords occurs. Plus, we are transparent. You get updates on activities with statistics.

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