ADA Website Accessibility Compliance

For over a decade, Go Gonzalez helps businesses achieve ADA website accessibility compliance through auditing, testing, remediation and maintenance. The lack of website accessibility is a discrimination issue.  Many organizations who wish to offer people with disabilities equal access to employment, products and services content are working towards achieving compliance.

What’s the problem?

People with visual and hearing impairment rely on tools, formatting and special configurations to access information. For

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example, people with visual impairment may use a reader that uses a voice to read page content. Following content and structural standards enables the reader to access content audibly. 

Why is compliance necessary?

The Americans with Disabilities Act has been in place since 1990. This act prohibits businesses from discriminating against people with disabilities. Last year, over 2200 website accessibility cases were filed; 1560+ were filed in New York State. The Department of Justice (DOJ)  and courts reference W3C’s Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 as the standard to meet website accessibility compliance.  By law, all electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities. 

Achieving ADA Website Accessibility Compliance

Go Gonzalez can audit, provide guidance for ADA website accessibility compliance, necessary accessibility documentation and ongoing support to remain compliant with WCAG guidelines. Unfortunately, ADA compliance can be difficult depending on the web content management platform and the structural changes needed to achieve ADA Compliance.

Go Gonzalez can not only build ADA compliant website, but also help companies with existing non-compliant website determine a cost-effective solution to achieve compliance. For Website Accessibility Compliance… Go Gonzalez!

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Our ADA Compliance Services

  • ADA Website Compliance Audit

  • Code Level Remediation
  • ADA Compliance Policy Documentation
  • Ongoing Support to Maintain ADA Compliance including Monthly Reporting
  • ADA Compliance Training for Web Admin and Contributors


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