Go Gonzalez, a veteran-owned marketing agency in New York State that began in Philadelphia, PA in September of 1998 as Gonzalez Consulting. Edward Concepcion and Manny Santos started the business offering graphic design, web design, event promotions, and public relations for FAM Productions Inc. After the development of an online portal, Equipoweb, and a world news website, MundoNoticias, an online helpdesk application and a data warehouse solution project for a leader in the medical field set the path for more complex online projects.

When building in the massive space known as the internet, one of the most important parts of the construction of a website is building a path for visitors. Imagine building a beautiful castle in the middle of nowhere. How will people find your castle? While a website needs to be designed to cater to visitors and foster interaction, creating pathways to the homepage of a website is essential to generating the traffic needed to sustain a business. 

Veteran Owned Business, Army Soldier and Marine, Edward Concepcion and Manny Santos, respectively

Edward and Manny

Expansion into Marketing Services

The need to develop pathways to websites is intrinsic to web design and development. As early as 2001, Go Gonzalez started using blogs, RSS feeds and interactive components in English and Spanish to drive website traffic. Way before user-generated content became prevalent, Ed and Manny built plugins in PHP using a platform called Snitz Forums. This is a level of experience that firmly establishes Go Gonzalez as a pioneer in web 2.0 development.

The diversity and complexity of current technologies create a need for experts in efficient web design and integrated marketing solutions that drive website traffic. Go Gonzalez focuses on current technologies and has years of experience to determine the best strategy for your business.

The Go Gonzalez team led by Ed Concepcion and Manny Santos has significant experience in the online marketing and web development space. Many digital marketing departments and systems are benefactors of services by Go Gonzalez including Web Development, Software Support and digital marketing for local, national and global companies.

This leadership is responsible for developing business and marketing plans for the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine, Inflooense, Digital Marketing Firms, Pharma Companies, charitable organizations, and several other businesses.

Meet Our Leadership

Manny Santos PMP, MCDBA, USMC
Manny Santos PMP, MCDBA, USMCVP of Sales and Marketing
Smart, funny and great dad! This Philadelphian is a tried and true Philly sports fan who cooked and served up authentic cheese-steaks at Cappuccino’s on North Broad St. while in High School. He is a natural teacher who has coached Marines in the boxing ring and kids on Colonie and Niskayuna, NY football and baseball fields. He’s a family man who participates in local community organizations, enjoys golf and Sunday morning church service. Manny excels in his technical and marketing knowledge as well as leadership. Give him a call, he would love to chat with you.
Edward Concepcion
Edward ConcepcionPartner, Chief Technology Officer
The nicest geek you will ever meet! Ed is known by many clients and friends as one of the sweetest human beings on the planet. A great dad to four boys who loves family more than anything. He also enjoys a tasty, strong coffee and a Henry Clay cigar. Ed is a pioneer in the web 2.0 / user-generated content space, leading online Marketing integration for global companies such as Play Power Global, Miracle Recreation and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as well as educational institutions. He is a retired U.S. Army Captain with extensive leadership in all things web, hence he gets the officer title.
Jeffrey Santos
Jeffrey SantosPartner, VP of Operations
No one expects this debonair gentleman to be so technically savvy. By the looks of him, you would expect to hear about Italian suits that you can find Boyd’s or fine rums from around the world. He greets you with a smile and always has interest in what you have to say. Here he is in front of the camera. He does not enjoy being on camera, but he’s at 677 Prime, the premiere steakhouse in Albany. A nice steak and a fine cognac is something he gets excited about.
Bobby Chase
Bobby ChaseDirector of Video Production
Bobby is a super funny and very talented video and film producer who loves screenwriting and film-making. He is an avid comedy fan with the ability to come up with one-liners from many funny movies. On the weekends, he enjoys being with friends and visiting wineries breweries. See how there is work, but a lot of fun? That is Bobby. While having a good life is paramount, Bobby has produces hundreds of commercial ads for television as well as sit-coms and short film.
Marina Roukalova
Marina RoukalovaSocial Media Manager
Creative, sharp and quick witted! Marina has a contagious positive spirit that lights up a room. This Cornell grad loves to get her fitness on including running and hot yoga. When she is not at the gym, Marina explores her love of fashion and literature. She is a quick study and has been instrumental in the success of our social media management efforts for clients. From planning, to research and metrics, Marina has it covered.
Jennifer Arroyo
Jennifer ArroyoBusiness Manager
This sassy Philly girl is the life of every party. Jennifer loves to travel, hang with her girlfriends, but most of all loves her family. The strong bond to her family makes her one of the most loyal and dedicated people that you’ll ever meet. Jennifer started her experience in the marketing field back in 2000 as an admin for Hyperdesign in Philadelphia ; a marketing company that specialized in branding and packaging for top brands.

We take pride in being known for technical superiority, creativity, reliability and commitment

No matter the problem or the obstacles surrounding the problem, we figure out the solution and see it through to completion. For us, “Improvise, Overcome and Adapt”, is not just a cool catchphrase, it is a way of life. We understand that a mindset of unwavering commitment and dedication defines who we are as a company. That is one major difference that you get in a business lead by U.S. Military Veterans.

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Our team collaborates with key personnel on your team to develop the path to realize key objectives for your organization. 

Working collaboratively we find solutions to your pressing business need. We construct strategies in team meetings after careful review of client requirements and research. Software and mapping serve to determine the direction of the strategy, then proposed formally.

As we help develop the system to execute the strategic plan, we realize that your staff must buy-in to a collective effort. Getting buy-in from individuals is a challenge because people are motivated for a variety of reasons. For example, some sales leaders may hope that everyone on their staff is motivated by money.
However, great salespeople come with different personalities. Learning what motivates individuals can optimize your business’ sales performance.

In like manner, individuals on a project are motivated by different things. A great leader can identify those things and accomplish goals more efficiently. Our goal is to get a team to buy-in into our methodology.

During the planning, individuals are assigned various responsibilities. Assigning the task to the right individual and providing the tools for that individual to accomplish a task is imperative. This is an investment in that person.
Therefore, we strongly consider how to optimize that investment.

Our Proven Process Produces Results


Go Gonzalez recognizes the valuable insight that a client contributes during the needs analysis phase of the strategic process. What is said and what is not being said are both critical to developing the right strategy. Go Gonzalez works to understand the objective and obstacles to achieving goals to determine the research required for the right solution.


Determining the right solution requires research. The Go Gonzalez team has experts in integrated media research, market, internal and competitive analysis. There is no limit to the creativity used to obtain the information required to make effective decisions. From SWOT to mystery shopper to surveys and anonymous calls, we obtain the required research to help guide decisions.


A project management professional develops a step-by-step project plan to meet the objectives of the approved strategy. The plan is entered into the Go Gonzalez project management system so that project team members have access to project information at all times. Business plans are also available through an online platform for better access and collaboration. All projects updates are sent via email automatically.


Benchmarks and measures are determined as part of the project plan. Whether the data is for a media campaign, lead generation or a sales effort, benchmarks set the bar and measures show if the bar was reached. Therefore, reviews of benchmark and measures are essential to the project plan.


The auditing process assesses measures and confirms that the strategy is implemented and followed correctly. This process also allows the team to make necessary strategy adjustments if applicable. Go Gonzalez is involved in strategic marketing year-round and offers great insight and expertise from projects in a variety of industries including: Healthcare, Insurance, Automotive, Non-Profit Organizations and Retail. The process is methodical; while challenges can vary, success is not optional.

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