The diversity and complexity of current technologies creates a need for experts that offer efficient web design and integrated marketing solutions. Hence, Go Gonzalez focuses on current technologies and experience to determine the best strategy for your business.

The Birth of Go Gonzalez

Go Gonzalez, a veteran owned business, is a part of Gonzalez Technology Solutions Inc, a privately held S Ed Concepcion Army, Manny Santos Marinescorporation in New York State that was founded in Philadelphia, PA in September of 1998 as Gonzalez Consulting DBA by Edward Concepcion and Manny Santos.

At that time, the company provided graphic, web design and public relation services for FAM Productions Inc. After development of Equipoweb and MundoNoticias during the dot come era, the company was hired to implement a helpdesk application and a data warehouse solution for a world class leader in the medical field, which is still in use today.

These projects allowed Go Gonzalez to develop web development and online marketing services to a variety of industries. Go Gonzalez developed interactive components in English and Spanish and utilized user-generated content application in PHP using a platform called Snitz Forums and as early as 2001 that firmly establishes Go Gonzalez as a pioneer in web 2.0 development.

What has the company been up to?

Over the past 13 years, Go Gonzalez has worked with large to small businesses to develop go-to-market strategies and integrated marketing solutions in many industries including non-profit, auto, healthcare, pharma, insurance, legal, education, retail and individual products.

There is great need for marketing support that understand contemporary research. Moreover, a firm that can develop communication and sales solutions using online and traditional channels. Go Gonzalez stays ahead of changes in the market place and employs great people that develop the marketing strategies to give your organization the best chance at success.

We offer services in the following markets:

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Albany, NY
  • Charlotte, NC

Board of Directors

Manny Santos 
Edward Concepcion 
Angel Vazquez
Jeff Santos
Reynaldo Deane